How to write a symbolic wedding ceremony

Congratulations! If you are reading this post is that you have to celebrate the ceremony of a very special couple and you do not know how to write the script of a wedding ceremony to officiate a symbolic wedding without missing any detail. Well, don’t worry, here you will find all the information to be […]

What a wedding in Ibiza is like

Just yesterday we were talking with a couple and we realized that virtually all Destination Weddings in Ibiza have several common factors, some of them we can not always or usually show and hence we tell you a little how it is or how it can be a wedding in Ibiza. Let’s start by explaining […]

Annabelle and David, a wedding week in Ibiza

In March of this year Annabelle contacted us. She was preparing an amazing week of experiences for all her guests and well, it was a lot of events for her and she asked us for some help. We were super excited about this couple’s plans because they didn’t want a single wedding day, they wanted […]

Anna and Roberto’s magical elopement at the beach

Today we tell you the story of Anna and Roberto, they are good friends of ours. They had been married by the court (as they are dads, they solved the legal issue before the court in an intimate and quick way), but they were left with the thorn of dressing as bride and groom. So, […]

The Ibiza Wedding Planner at Hola Magazine

“The Ibiza Wedding Planner in Hola magazine”. We start the year in style with our appearance in the Number 1 magazine in fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. Daily news about movie stars, music and fashion trends. Don’t miss our mention in their post “Sign up with these Spanish wedding planners and organize a dream wedding” […]

Go Islands Lanzarote, getting to know Lanzarote as a wedding destination

Last Sunday, March 19, we traveled to Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands where there is eternal spring. We were summoned by Pablo Béglez, one of the most reputable photographers in Spain and without a doubt, an ambassador of his community, to present Lanzarote as a Destination Wedding. It was an honor, because The Ibiza […]

Jasmin and Oliver, the magical intimate wedding

Jasmin and Oliver planned the most magical and intimate wedding in Ibiza. Where? Simple, in front of one of the most special islands in the world. Everyone knows that Ibiza itself is one of the most special places in the world, but when you hear the story of Es Vedra, and especially when you visit […]