What a wedding in Ibiza is like

Just yesterday we were talking with a couple and we realized that virtually all Destination Weddings in Ibiza have several common factors, some of them we can not always or usually show and hence we tell you a little how it is or how it can be a wedding in Ibiza.

Let’s start by explaining what we mean by Destination Wedding. And it’s not just another term used when referring to weddings that take place in a destination where (usually) the bride and groom don’t belong, nor do their guests; and therein lies the key to why choosing Ibiza is so cool.

When we plan a Destination Wedding, we are inviting you to not only enjoy a stunning wedding day, but we are also planning a mini vacation/getaway for all those who will accompany you on your big day. Therefore, our couples usually ask us to organize several days of events, starting with the PRE WEDDING day or pre-wedding event in which Ibiza always gives us the opportunity to organize endless ideas such as a WHITE PARTY party very typical of the island, or a themed event such as a FLOWER POWER also very famous here.

Of course, these types of events can be held at any time of the day, whether it is at sunset or organize a daytime event where you can also enjoy a full day at the beach.

We know of a few places where our couples have been able to privatize the area and enjoy a full day of water activities while spending the day eating and dancing.

Other ideas we have done that guests love are to spend the day on a boat or organize an activity for the day before the event.

On the other hand, weddings in Ibiza will always be unique because of the idyllic enclaves where the wedding can be organized. For example, looking for a private space you can organize a beautiful ceremony overlooking the sea. The villas or agritourisms are very peculiar places on the island where you can produce a decoration that leaves no one indifferent, and also allow us to organize parties or POST WEDDING events such as a barbecue by the pool, a good Ibizan paella or tapas so typical of our country.

Speaking of parties … in Ibiza you will find the best performances and shows (in the world … that is already known) that will make your party a bacanal!

If after this post you have any doubts about what you could do on the island, remember that in our first contact, we not only do it to get to know each other, but we also offer a brief consultancy about the destination Ibiza.