Gallery of Events

Get to know, enjoy, get inspiration from some of our latest events

Luis & Georgina

Luis natural from Ibiza and Georgina, a very creative bride, decided to organize a very Ibizan wedding, inspired by marine touches to honor the groom's last name, all under a party atmosphere where there was no pause and the music did not stop playing for the captains of Ibiza

Erika & Alan

A wedding that was a tribute to Ibiza. It started at San Agustin church, then la Escollera and also had the Tanit god or the Pacha's typical party...

Clara and Santi

Clara and Santi, a very sweet couple and a full-color travel themed wedding, in the authentic countryside of Ibiza.

Rochan and David

David from Holland, Rochan from London (but with Filipino roots) and both Ibiza lovers. They wanted a true love story told surrounded by the most typical Ibiza venues. They got marry at Puig de Missa and then they celebrate their wedding in a beautiful and typical agroturism on the island. For the decoration we design it with a vintage and tropical design that remember the Filipino roots of the bride.

Annabel Lee, Ibiza Elopement

Annabel Lee is the inspiration that we create for Tendencias de bodas, the specialized wedding magazine in Spain. Discover the history of two lovers who get marry in Ibiza.

Daniel and Marta

Daniel and Marta and their little son Dani celebrated the love surrounded by olives in the main of Ibiza. They got a beautiful day which also was Dani's 4 birthday and we designed the perfect candy bar for him.