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Paula and Guillermo

Paula and Guillermo are those couples who transmit a unique energy, of those couples whose love invades the hearts of everyone else and who transmitted a powerful and wonderful feeling to us. On the day of their wedding in Ibiza, there was a unique encounter, surrounded by all their loved ones, we lived one of the most sincere and authentic ceremonies that we have ever lived.

Mayte & Ricardo

From Sidney to Ibiza.
Mayte and Ricardo crossed the world to get marry in Ibiza with they closed ones.
We had a boho style wedding, designed specially for them and based on their wonderful and lovely hearts.
It was a magic ceremony and the marriage was blessed by the five elements of the nature.

Elien & Noah

There are magical days and more if it is your wedding in Ibiza. This is the case of the wedding of Elien and Noah, a wedding overlooking the sea and in a beautiful villa in Ibiza.

Jose & Marta

Jose, Marta and Sofia. A very special family on a singular day. We celebrated the wedding and christening of Sofia under the theme of storytelling in homage to the little princess of the house. Without doubt, a magical wedding where there are.

Nabila & Luca

Nabila & Luca, a romantic wedding next to the sea. Since they started to plan the wedding, she knew that they wanted that their lovely relationship be reflected on the wedding day. Luca pushed to have the best music ever in Ibiza.


María Elena and Alberto

One of the most exciting weddings for us, as it was my sister walking down the aisle!
She had always dreamed of a princess wedding, so this is what we tried to transmit with each detail of her big day. Her chosen venue was the Agroturismo Atzaro, where we designed various spaces that changed throughout the wedding.