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Valentine & Augustin

A wedding in Ibiza in the purest Provencal style. Valentine and Augustine came to Ibiza from France, ready to spend a few days celebrating all over the top in one of the most beautiful gardens on the island.

Marina & Zac

My wedding in Ibiza. It was our opportunity to gather our family and friends in the wildest way. It was also the perfect occasion to develop the design of my dreams. Thus we create our "Wild Wedding"

Ibiza Rock Elopment Copy

Esto es lo que pasa cuando de repente dos almas libres deciden escaparse a la isla blanca y celebrar una boda íntima pero al puro estilo Rock.

Sara & Adrián

Sara and Adrián celebrated a wedding with authentic Mediterranean style. They had clear that their wedding was going to be super different. Therefore, they summoned their guests under the white wedding dress code

Luis & Georgina

Luis natural from Ibiza and Georgina, a very creative bride, decided to organize a very Ibizan wedding, inspired by marine touches to honor the groom's last name, all under a party atmosphere where there was no pause and the music did not stop playing for the captains of Ibiza

Erika & Alan

A wedding that was a tribute to Ibiza. It started at San Agustin church, then la Escollera and also had the Tanit god or the Pacha's typical party...