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Clint & Karla

Después del Covid19 una pareja encuentra el momento perfecto para celebrar su micro boda en Ibiza.

Nuria & Ciro

Nuria and Ciro celebrated their love in style on a Saturday in October. The decoration inspired by autumn, recalled the magical time in which it was being celebrated. They did not miss infiltrated waiters, the beer pong game or some shots in honor of the bride.


Since the V b.c century, Ibicencos and all the cost mediterranean countries adord the God Tanit. She was the God of love, fertility, live and even dead. She was an astral god protector of the humans and the moon.
Nowdays, Tanit is not forgotten in Ibiza, the island where she had the maximum inspiration and where she still takes the opportunity to visit when the moon is full. During her last visit, Tanit was seen by a human and the history says that the power of their crossed looks was so strong that she immediately felt in love with him, breaking all the rules of the divinity.
They promised love forever.

Paloma & Alejandro

Paloma and Alejandro showed that in a wedding everything is possible. Thus we organized a wedding with a very elegant design, with a traditional part of the church. Then the madness broke out and was given anything goes.

Marina & Zac

My wedding in Ibiza. It was our opportunity to gather our family and friends in the wildest way. It was also the perfect occasion to develop the design of my dreams. Thus we create our "Wild Wedding"

Ibiza Rock Elopment Copy

Esto es lo que pasa cuando de repente dos almas libres deciden escaparse a la isla blanca y celebrar una boda íntima pero al puro estilo Rock.