How to write a symbolic wedding ceremony


If you are reading this post is that you have to celebrate the ceremony of a very special couple and you do not know how to write the script of a wedding ceremony to officiate a symbolic wedding without missing any detail.

Well, don’t worry, here you will find all the information to be able to develop the work of an officiant and thrill the bride and groom and all those who accompany you on that special day.

The first thing to take into account in the script of the ceremony is the entrance protocol.

This means who is going to enter the ceremony and how. Normally it is also accompanied by some music. The different entrances would be:

1- Best Man (or groomsmen) 

2- Novio + acompañante

3- Rings (either children or adults)

4- Bridesmaids

5- Bride + companion

Once everyone is inside, the ceremony will begin, and your first words will be to welcome the guests and the couple:

Example: “We are gathered here on this very special date…. to marry this loving couple…”

Then, you will continue the ceremony talking about your relationship with the couple, i.e. “I am a friend of the couple… and one day x they asked me to…” or you explain as you see fit (albeit in a humorous, melancholic tone… how you ended up there officiating that beautiful ceremony). Afterwards, you proceed to talk about the bride and groom, their relationship, how it started and the beautiful couple they are. Here you can be supported by the speeches of other witnesses or friends who want to participate in the ceremony. Normally this part is decided by the bride and groom, who choose who they want to read to them at the ceremony (You will ask them to write no more than one sheet of paper or about 3-5 minutes per person).

Ibiza is a very appropriate place to perform some kind of symbolic ritual of the union. And this would be the perfect moment to proceed with some of the different ideas that you can find in our other posts. Check here:

Finally, if you want to give it some formalism, you can read articles 66 to 68 of the civil code, since they are the ones that list the rights and liberties of the spouses. They are committed to comply with them when they decide to give the famous “I do” which is the act of getting married.

If the couple accepts they can have their moment of reading their vows in this part of the script which is usually a very emotional moment for everyone. Some couples seek more intimacy and decide to whisper the vows. This is also valid and just as beautiful.

Finally, you can prepare the script of the ceremony to be signed by the witnesses and have an official photo taken, and then you dismiss the ceremony by congratulating the newlywed couple.

They walk down the aisle where petals, rice and confetti are usually thrown at them. Remember that if it is in Ibiza you have to select biodegradable confetti.