The spring that we lost … and that we will recover with the micro weddings

The spring that we lost … and that we will recover with the MICRO WEDDINGS.   After Covid-19, Ibiza is still sunny and a floral island with numerous, exclusive and beautiful locations. So let’s talk about what is happening and the expected weddings. At one extreme are semi-formal weddings with an average of about 200 guests. At the other extreme, there are casual getaways, with 3-4 guests, including the married couple. … And now, (they are stomping) we have the micro weddings! These celebrations that are closer to the concept of escape or getaway, rather than that of a wedding itself, continue to include a handful of royal guests. This new wedding alternative provides couples with easier planning and allows them to organize their intimate ceremony in endless scenarios much more flexible than in a larger wedding, as these weddings are shorter and have a simpler, more relaxed format. . A trend that is developing strongly after so many plans frustrated by COVID19. Torre d’en Rovira is a place between Cala Comte and Cala Bassa that we have used to develop this editorial based on the trend of micro weddings with this spring inspiration. The groom’s outfit also by Félix Ramiro is perfect for an “elopment wedding”, an event that is still elegant but comfortable and modern as is the location in Ibiza.   The backdrop where this couple ended their big day is speechless. Being able to enjoy a sunset in Ibiza is already a luxury, but doing it also accompanied by the love of your life and on one of the most beautiful days in your history with this comfortable set up ridden by Flowers Ibiza is priceless.


Another of the beautiful opportunities offered by this type of wedding is that of not skimping on any detail. Nor in the expected dress, like this precious Virginia Vald, accompanied by a complete look with booty, embroidered veil and maxi bouquet. Sometimes these couples also take the opportunity to organize the request for a hand during the same island getaway. Being thus a surprise for her, Clint who did not want to wait any longer to ask the love of his life to marry him in a beautiful flower meadow.

If this is one of your ideal plans or it seems like an option B to not stay with the desire to get married after everything that has happened today. Contact us!

Editorial organized together with the incredible team:
Organization and desing: @theibizaweddingplanner
Models: @devamodels @karlapires @clintlee
Table set: @caprichoibiza
Make up: @iconspain
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